Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bill Clinton to Dick Cheney: 'It's Over'

CNN catches Bill giving Dick a piece of his mind.

I Love Bayside

To the tune of Asher Roth's "I Love College."

'I'm on a Boat' Live on Jimmy Fallon

Lonely Island brought "I'm on a Boat" to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, complete with Questlove in captain's gear. Somehow this song doesn't work quite as well when it's not being performed on a boat.

Gibbs Confiscates Cell Phone at White House Press Briefing

Gibbs is starting to lose it.

Hitler and the Tony Awards

The latest in a long line of Downfall remixes.
"I'm EVERY BIT as funny as Nathan Lane!"

Trailer: Precious

This film is produced by both Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry, which means it's going to be the biggest movie of all time.

Former Powell Aid Tells Cheney to Go Home and 'Shut Up'

Appearing on Rachel Maddow, Lawrence Wilkerson lets Cheney have it.

The Daily Show Goes to ASU

Jason Jones goes to Arizona State to investigate why they are not giving President Obama an honorary degree.

"[We give them] to give them like to important people. Heads of State and stuff like that."

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Scarborough Agrees with Cheney that Obama Made Country Less Safe

On Morning Joe, Scarborough offers his support of Dick Cheney, saying that Obama has in fact made the country less safe.

"[Obama] dismantled this program on his second day in there ...I knew by the second day that America was less safe... if you believe like I believe and 50% of Americans believe, that this program actually made America safer."

Countdown's WTF Moment: Miss California

Keith uses the inaugural WTF segment to tackle the Miss California phenomenon.

Code Pink Screams at Rumsfeld Before WHCA Dinner

Someone got some good footage of Code Pink infiltrating the WHCA Dinner and harassing Rummy. He just smiles as if it's not happening. Does he know what's happening?

"Here's come the war criminal, Donald Rumsfeld!"

Stephen's Sound Advice to the GOP

Colbert has his own advice on the re-branding effort.

"The GOP needs to make painful, soul-searching, superficial changes to their image without altering anything inside."

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