Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trailer: The Road

If you've read Cormac McCarthy's horrifying book, then you're probably as excited about this as I am. And the addition of Omar really puts it over the top.

Stephen Colbert's Coke Parties

In order to avoid the embarrassment brought on by the teabagging debacle, Colbert launches the fight against taxing soda with a name that cannot be misconstrued.

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Stephen's Coke Party Protest
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CNN Reports on Potent Marijuana

Watching Wolf Blitzer talk about the potency of marijuana is a total buzz kill.

"They will get paranoid. They will be irritable. And that's just the opposite of what they were looking for."

Boehner Finds it 'Hard to Imagine' that the CIA Would Mislead Congress

He admits that they are required to brief Congress by law, but can't comprehend what they could possible have to lie about.

Nancy Pelosi Accuses CIA of Misleading Congress on Torture

Nancy Pelosi gets herself deep into the debate on torture with this announcement today.

Star Trek = Star Wars

I remember getting Star Trek and Star Wars confused and people thinking that was crazy, but now it turns out that they are actually the same movie.

How to Be Funny on Twitter

CNN finds two stand-up comics nobody's ever heard of to tell the world how to be funny on Twitter.

"Is Twitter the new stand-up?"

Chris Matthews on the 'Democrat Socialist Party'

Chris Matthews gets Pat Buchanan and Lawrence O'Donnell to agree with him that America is a "Socialist nation."

Robin Williams Jokes About Heart Surgery on Letterman

If you count on anyone to turn a near death experience into a hilarious stand-up bit, it's Robin Williams.

Obama's ASU Address

Here's an excerpt from Obama's Arizona State University commencement speech in which he addresses the suggestion that he hasn't achieved enough in his life. You can watch the whole speech here.