Friday, May 15, 2009

Tucker Carlson and Dana Perino Join Fox News

In honor of this obvious piece of news, below are my two favorite (read: hilarious) clips of these two pathetic people.

Tucker Carlson gets booed at CPAC:

Dana Perino on The Obama Administration:

Weezer Covers MGMT and Lady Gaga

This somehow made me like Weezer a lot more than I already did.

New Music on the Blogs

In honor of Animal Collective's big show in NYC, we have one live version of a new song, as well as the video of their tripped-out Letterman performance. Also, check out a song from the new Wilco album, a new Chairlift remix, and a live Blind Pilot track.

Right-click link to download:

Animal Collective - Bleed (live) [Gorilla vs. Bear]

Wilco - Bull Black Nova [I Guess I'm Floating]

Chairlift - Evident Utensil (Juan MacLean Mix) [The Music Slut]

The Story I Heard (live on HearYa) - Blind Pilot [Fuel/Friends]

Reporter Steals Jon Stewart's Question at White House Briefing

One reporter at the White House briefing today didn't know what he wanted to ask Robert Gibbs, so he took his question directly from last night's Daily Show. I'm not saying it was a bad question, just a remarkable rip-off.

UPDATE: "Correction"

Chuck Schumer AKA 'That Jew'

I've been trying to find a video of this for a few days. I don't think one exists, but this Rachel Maddow report will suffice.

"I said there was another Jew I did agree with, and that was Jesus Christ."

Fox News Promo Promotes Treason

Well, that might be a little extreme, but they do encourage "fighting the Fed."

The Daily Show: Moral Kombat

Jon examines the reasoning behind Obama's decisions to block torture photos and his refusal get involved in Lt. Dan Choi's dismissal from the army for being gay.

"The one line America will not cross is the chorus line."

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30 Rock Finale: Kidney Now!

Here's the rousing "We are the Pizza"-style sing-a-long anthem finale to this season's 30 Rock. There a lot of great musicians that appear in this video, but Elvis Costello is my favorite.

"Listen, when someone starts talking in the middle of song, you know it's serious."

The Office Finale: Slumdunder Mifflinaire!

Michael and Holly find the inspiration for their company picnic sketch in the Oscar-winning film. It doesn't end well.

"It's a sketch now!"