Monday, May 18, 2009

Glee Preview

I don't want to like or watch this show. But I think I'm going to. And I love Jane Lynch.

Slumdog Price is Right

Via College Humor.

"No, leave the dining set. It only cost $249!"

The Cleveland Show Preview

This theme song is amazing.

"Bye chocolate people."

SNL: Goodnight Saigon

Hulu didn't have the rights to post this, but Videogum has it. See how many awesome famous people you can spot.

Funny People TV Spot

Here's the first TV spot for Judd Apatow's Funny People. They even address Seth Rogen's weight loss.

"You shouldn't have lost all that weight. No one wants to watch Lance Armstrong do comedy."

Republicans on Pelosi's Plastic Surgery

MediaMatters asks, "Would we be hearing this if Nancy Pelosi were man?"

Republicans Call for Torture Investigation

...of Nancy Pelosi.

Stephen Baldwin on "Jive-Talking" Obama

The least awesome Baldwin brother serenades the hosts of Fox and Friends with his stirring, possibly racist version of "Jive-Talking," which is somehow related to Obama's Notre Dame speech.

"I don't want to start theorizing about conspiracy and all the kind of stuff, but home girl's in trouble."

Defense Secretary Gates Compares Bush to Obama

One highlight from last night's 60 Minutes interview.

COURIC: What three words would you use to describe President Bush?

GATES: Committed, questioning, eager to make a decision and move on.

COURIC: What about President Obama?

GATES: Deliberative, decisive and calm.

Ventura vs. Hasselbeck on Waterboarding

Jesse Ventura dominates Elizabeth Hasselbeck on The View.

"We only seem to waterboard Muslims."

Republican Tom Price Throws Rush and Cheney Under the Bus

I wonder how long it will take before he apologizes.

SCARBOROUGH: Congressman, do you believe that Rush Limbaugh or Dick Cheney are better, quote -- I'm just using terms that we hear every day on TV and radio -- that they are somehow better Republicans than Colin Powell?

PRICE: No. Goodness.

Turns Out that Reporter Didn't Steal from Jon Stewart

Last week, I posted a clip of Tommy Christopher asking Robert Gibbs a question linking Obama's decision to block the release of detainee photos to his refusal to get involved in the firing of Lt. Dan Choi. Since I had seen Jon Stewart make the same argument the night before (and as far as I can tell, everyone interested in politics watches the Daily Show), I assumed Christopher was inspired by Stewart to ask Gibbs that question.

As any of my regular readers know, I often use sarcasm and exaggeration for comic effect. However, Tommy Christopher did not appreciate the implication that he stole his question and contacted me to ask for a correction. I am happy to oblige. I believe him when he says that:

I wrote a story about this for, and in that story I clearly link to several sources which I acknowledge played a part in the formulation of my question. This Daily Show clip, which I had not seen, is not among them. In fact, I started writing my story long before that Daily Episode was even taped. I was going to ask the question on Wednesday, but wasn't called on. There was no briefing Thursday, so I held the story to see if I could get the question in on friday.

Here's Christopher's article from Politics Daily. And here's the video again in case you missed it:

Robert Gibbs Steals Electronics from the Press Corp

The Full Ginsburg has some fun with Robert Gibbs press conference antics.

"Jeepers! Is someone dialing up to AOL?"