Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gotcha Media's Going on Vaca

I'm taking off for a few days. I'll miss you guys, and I know you'll miss me. Since I'm going to a wedding, I thought I'd leave you with the third awesome trailer for this summer's highly anticipated wedding movie. Live your life!

Ida, The Missing Link

Sky News reports on the new discovery. I would say that this should aid the rational humanists case against Creationists. But then, Creationists would have to believe in science, so probably not.

The History of Weed

Get pumped for Weeds, with this new informative video from Showtime.

Obama Appoints Jesus Christ to Supreme Court

And the Republicans are furious.

"John Boehner complained of a lack of consultation with GOP leadership saying Christ's reputation for empathy was troubling."

Glenn Beck on The View

Whoopi is "a little pissed" at Glenn Beck.

NOM Confuses Our Kids

The National Organization for Marriage released a new ad in which they get kids to say how confused they are about gay marriage. But doesn't this ad do more to confuse people than open, honest discussion about gay marriage. Imagine how confused these little child actors are going to be when they grow up...

"If my Dad married a man, who would be Mom?"

Michael Steele's Barney Frank Joke

In his address to the RNC yesterday, Michael Steele called for a "new era of class" while at the same time making a joke about Barney Frank's voice. MSNBC asks one Republican to react:

Colbert on Sec Def Don Rum

Colbert takes on Rumsfeld's biblical cover pages for war memos.

"See, Rumsfeld knew that the troops already had the full armor of God. So they didn't need the full armor of actual armor."

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Family Guy: Stewie Screams at Ad for '24'

Family Guy finally addresses those annoying pop-up banner ads that appear at the bottom of the screen on Fox, inadvertently (or advertently??) drawing more attention to the ad for 24.

"Oh I'm sorry, is my wedding interrupting your promotion? We're right in the middle of our show. You have a time slot, go there."