Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bloomberg Gets Defensive About Term Limits Question

At a press conference today a reporter asked Mayor Bloomberg about his rationale for extending the term limits and he pretty much lost it. In the age of YouTube, it's probably not the best idea to stare directly into a camera and say "You're a disgrace."

Obama Responds to Protesters

Obama uses humor to shrug off protesters, something he can't be used to.

Tom Tancredo on the Latino KKK

I've never heard of the "Latino KKK." But don't worry, they don't have hoods or nooses.

Arnold on the 650-pound Rush Limbaugh in the Room

Either Schwarzenegger's completely given up on the extreme right-wing of his own party, or we have an exciting apology to look forward to.

Yo Teach...!

Here's a scene from the hilariously unfunny semi-sentimental fake sitcom from Judd Apatow's Funny People. The laugh-track is definitely the best part.

"Yo, teach, cut me some slack."

UPDATE: The behind the scenes feature is even better.

Wanda Sykes Talks Michelle Obama on Leno

Wanda Sykes decodes the hidden messages in the press' questions about Michelle Obama.

"Who is the real Michelle Obama?"

Bill O'Reilly Thinks Blogs Are Racist Too

Not only are Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor racist, but so are all those left-wing blogs out there. At least he gives the right-wing blogs some heat as well.

"You know, these people — as I said on the conservative guy — they don’t think that they’re racist. They don’t think that they’re bigoted. But you know, it’s so obvious they are."

Roland Burris on Hardball

Roland Burris is back in the news this week (remember this guy?) as his wiretapped conversation with Blagojevich's brother has been released. Chris Matthews gave him a grilling last night on Hardball.