Monday, June 1, 2009

Conan Runs to L.A.

Conan uses his big new Tonight Show budget to appeal to the heartland by running through it.

Also, this Biden joke was hilarious.

One Reason to Like Dick Cheney

He's a living example of the fact that people who are close to gay people don't fear them or want to oppress them.

Bill O'Reilly's Role in George Tiller's Murder

When you demonize a man so consistently and so publicly, do you hold any responsibility when one of your followers murders him?

Bruno at the MTV Movie Awards

In an elaborate, though blatantly staged, stunt Bruno ends up upside-down in Eminem's lap at last night's MTV Movie Awards.

Phish at Fenway

I was getting setlist updates last night (thanks @YEMblog) and really wished I could have been there. The band opened up with an a cappella version of the The Star Spangled Banner, with all four guys in Red Sox jerseys standing on the pitcher's mound. Here's a little taste of that (let me know if anyone finds a better video of this) as well as full video of Good Times Bad Times and Tweezer Reprise from the encore.