Sunday, June 7, 2009

Neil Patrick Harris On Letterman: Top Ten Signs You've Hired A Bad Tony Awards Host

Tonight's the Tony Awards so I thought I'd post this promo NPH did on Letterman on Thursday. I think he'll manage to avoid most of these pitfalls.

Axelrod Dismisses 'Apology Tour' Premise

John King tries to push the "apology tour" idea and Axelrod kills it.

"I think that they didn't pay attention to this speech or any of the speeches that he's making."

Roger Federer Attacked by Man during French Open Final

He just wanted him to wear that hat.

Gingrich: Sotomayor is 'Racialist' not 'Racist'

Gingrich takes a page out of Ali G's book and calls Sotomayor "racialist" rather than plain old "racist."

"It’s clear that what she said was racist, and it’s clear — or as somebody wrote recently, “racialist” if you prefer."

Obama Passes Hillary's '3AM Test'

It turns out that Obama may also be capable of waking up at 3 AM and dealing with crisis.