Monday, June 15, 2009

Fred Willard Gives People Ginger Ale and Crackers

The Common Sense Doctor demonstrates how you can get by without health insurance.

"I'm not actually a doctor. That's just my first name. My parents named me after the man who delivered me."

Norm Macdonald Fucks With Conan

Conan tries to shoot some promos and gets some trouble from Norm Macdonald.

Newsbusted: An Awkward, Low-Budget, Unfunny Right-Wing Daily Show

Is that a laugh track?

Fox News Coverage of Tehran Protests

For all their talk about promoting democracy in the Middle East, these Fox News anchors seems pretty scared of Mousavi and the protesters in Iran.

Obama's Speech to the AMA

Below is video of Obama's speech today to the American Medical Association in Chicago.

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McCain Wants U.S. to 'Act' Against Iran

Not totally sure what "act" means in this context, but here's what McCain had to say this morning on Fox & Friends.

The King of Late Night TV?

Who do you think is the real king of late night TV? Craig Ferguson or Conan O'Brien? I'm going with David Letterman.

Mike Huckabee Inexplicably Appears at Sketch Comedy Show

Mike Huckabee stopped by The Full Ginsburg's sketch show to answer some serious (sort of) questions about the GOP. Here he is talking about Meghan McCain and the "mushy middle" (whatever that is...).

Phish and Bruce Springsteen Jam at Bonnaroo

The Boss joined Phish for three songs last night at Bonnaroo. Here's a clip of "Mustang Sally" and the epic conclusion of "Glory Days."