Friday, June 19, 2009

John Hodgman at the Radio & Television Correspondents' Dinner

John Hodgman follows the President with a speech that lays out the jock/nerd divide. The question at hand: Is Obama a jock or a nerd?

Obama at the Radio & Television Correspondents' Dinner

Obama delivers some jokes that weren't funny enough for the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Trailer: Arrested Development (documentary)

It's not what we've all been waiting for, but I'm into it.

Trailer: World's Greatest Dad

Here's the first red-band trailer for the new Bobcat Goldthait-directed, Robin Williams-starring dark comedy. They had better market this carefully, or a lot of shocked families are going to end up in the audience.

The Most Awkward Interview You'll See for 'Year One'

Stoning, stomach-drumming and fart noises make for a very successful interview! In the words of David Cross, "That was odd."

Obama Responds to Khamenei's Speech

"The word is watching..."

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Why Haven't the Obamas Picked a Church?!

One brave Fox News reporter needs to know.

New Music on the Blogs

We've got a little extra this week since I took last week off. Enjoy!

Right-Click to download:

Violens - Doomed (MGMT remix) [Violens]

The Fiery Furnaces - The End is Near [You Ain't No Picasso]

Zero 7 - Everthing Up (Zizou) [Fake Penny Comics]

Grizzly Bear - Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes cover) [Aquarium Drunkard]

Modest Mouse - Autumn Beds [I Guess I'm Floating]

The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) - Warm Hear of Africa (feat. Ezra Koenig) [Gorilla vs. Bear]

St. Vincent - On My God (acoustic) [Anyone's Guess]

Music video of the week:

Daily Show on Iranian/GOP Solidarity

Not only does the GOP compare its plight to that of the Iranian opposition, but if you delve into some Iranian tweets, you can see the love reciprocated.

Must defend our democracy. P.S. @McCainblogette u r such a hottie.

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Trailer: Cold Souls

Paul Giamatti is Paul Giamatti in this blantant Charlie Kaufman rip-off. Good use of the New Yorker as a plot device, though.

Obama and Colbert Behind-the-Scenes

Colbert directing Obama is priceless. These two are pros.

McCain Not-so-subtly Mocks Barbara Boxer

McCain makes light of Barbara Boxer's desire to be called "Senator" and Hannity laughs maniacally.