Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fox News Shames SC Gov Mark Sanford (D)

I assumed that this would be the photo of the day, but I think Fox News takes the cake by trying to pawn Mark Sanford off on the Democrats.

Pundits React to Mark Sanford's Press Conference

Politico puts together a lot of good pulls from the various reactions to Sanford's admission.

"Somewhere right now Mitt Romney is smiling."

"Talk about burying the lead."

"Where does the road of hypocrisy end?"

Burger King's Blowjob Ad

Because everyone else is posting it...

Mark Sanford Admits to Affair with Argentinian Woman

Gov. Sanford admits "the whole story." This just got good.

Conan Pays Tribute to Ed McMahon

Conan offers the younger generation a look back at Ed McMahon's greatest Tonight Show moments.

Mark Sanford Was Actually in Argentina

He wasn't hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but actually opted for the more "exotic" locale of Buenos Aires.

Larry David on the Daily Show

A long overdue meeting between two of my favorite people. Larry tries to give Harry Reid a run for his money as the worst Daily Show guest ever and fails miserably (by talking only about clothes).

"Are you jealous that I'm not wearing a tie?"

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