Monday, July 13, 2009

Glenn Beck Doesn't Know the Difference Between Questions and Statements

Glenn Beck was outraged about the softball questions thrown to Sonia Sotomayor by U.S. Senators today, despite the fact that there was no questioning today.

Sonia Sotomayor's Opening Statement

After sitting through various Congress members' remarks, the smartest person in the room spoke.

Lindsey Graham Hoping for 'Complete Meltdown' from Sotomayor

Lindsey Graham assures Sonia Sotomayor that if any Republicans vote against her it's not because they're racist. They just don't like her. But unless she has a "complete meltdown" Graham thinks she's in.

Pat Buchanan's Advice to 'First Dude' Todd Palin

Pat Buchanan's comments: so ridiculous that they require a disclaimer.

“Well, first, with regard to Levi, I think First Dude up there in Alaska, Todd Palin, ought to take Levi down to the creek and hold his head underwater until the thrashing stops.“

Levi Johnston on the Today Show

Levi continued his campaign against Sarah Palin this morning on the Today Show. If he succeeds in completely killing her political career, do you think it would be possible for the GOP to recruit him as a candidate?

Prostester Interrupts the Sotomayor Hearings

A man interrupted the Sotomayor hearings with shouts of "What about the unborn?" I'm used to hearing liberal protesters shouting at Bush appointees, so this somehow feels weird.

Raaaaaaaandy the Documentary

Part 1 of a new documentary profiling the hottest new comedian from Judd Apatow's Funny People. Very NSFW, both visually and aurally (and orally).

"If y'all are ready to laugh your dicks off, let me hear you say 'yeah.'"

Fox News Scared of Sotomayor's 'Infamous Temper'

Can you really blame Fox News for trying to make typically boring confirmation hearings into a potential vicious cat fight? Yes you can.

Sotomayor Hearings Begin

Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin this morning. You can listen live at, watch live at and The Caucus blog is live-blogging. Below is the Today Show's report from this morning.