Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Al Franken Tells First Joke as a Senator

Just asking Sotomayor about Perry Mason is not really a joke, but then when she can't remember the episode in question he asks her, "Didn't the White House prepare you for that?" He gets some good laughs.

Sotomayor is 'Not an Expert in Marijuana Growing'

Another shocking piece of news from the Sotomayor hearings. Not only is she not a robot, she's also not a marijuana grower.

Michael Steele's Fried Chicken Joke

This guy is out of control. He makes fried chicken jokes, but don't worry, he thinks slavery was wrong.

"My plan is to say 'Y'all come.'"

Trailer: 'An Education'

Peter Sarsgaard and the beautiful Carey Mulligan, who were brilliant together in The Seagull on Broadway, star in this new film based on Nick Hornby's book. The movie's already getting some good Oscar buzz and looks like it could be really good.

Daily Show and Colbert on Sotomayor Hearings

Jon and Stephen report on Day 2 of the Sotomayor confirmation "snoozefest."

"What a shrewd move by Obama! He's nominated a racist!"

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"It was like watching Ambien-colored paint dry."

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Bill Maher on Hardball

Bill Maher appeared on Chris Matthews' show last night offering one of the best commentaries on Mark Sanford to date.

"At least Sanford was truly in love... You know, all these politicians, [Senator John] Ensign as you mentioned, and it's always just sleazy. They're just having sex with the easiest roadkill they can find. It's just, you know, 'Oh my god, the door just closed, my wife's in the other room, come over here and touch me.' It's this very sleazy quick kind of sex, and this guy Sanford, you know, I tell you, he could win women back if he just went to this mistress because obviously that's who he loves."