Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CNN's Update on Henry Louis Gates-Gate

Racial profiling? Or what the police would do to any man caught entering his own home?

The Jon Stewart/Brian Williams Controversy

Much has been made of Jon Stewart's interview with Brian Williams last night where the two normally congenial friends seemed to be actually getting on each others' nerves. As Williams said, "I think we still have a relationship. It's in tatters. It's in shreds." What do you think? Was the tension real or just for fun?

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Obama is the Man on the Moon

Nice work Slate V. I get it, Obama becoming president is as momentous as the moon landing.

Rachel Maddow on the Captive American Soldier in Afghanistan

Maddow's report on Bo Berghdahl, who is currently being held captive by the Taliban, included the evisceration of a Fox News "analyst" who essentially called for the soldier to be killed.

Bobby Jindal Still Using Katrina as Rationale for Smaller Government

It was so outrageous when he did it the first time, that I can't believe he's going back to it now. Jindal's argument is that because the government failed to help the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, it should continue to fail the American people on the human right that is health care. Is his memory that short or is he just an asshole?

John McCain Comes Out as Pro Hate Crime

Fox News gave John McCain a platform this morning to voice his opposition to the new Hate Crimes bill. McCain was so proud of this interview that he posted it on his personal YouTube account.

Henry Louis Gates-Gate

The details are coming out on yesterday's arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. A statement on behalf of Gates published in The Root is shocking, clearly showing how racial profiling led to the arrest of a man entering his own home. Here's a report from New England Cable News.

UPDATE: The charges have been dropped.

Colbert on 'Reverse Civil Rights Leader' Pat Buchanan

Colbert commiserates with Pat Buchanan on the plight of the white man.

"Yeah! Where were the black guys during the Civil War? I'm not saying all of them should have volunteered. Just three-fifths of them."

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