Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Addresses Henry Louis Gates-Gate at Press Conference

Obama's prime time press conference on health care went about as expected, with no big surprises. The clear highlight came at the end with the final question about Henry Louis Gates' arrest. Obama confronted the story head on, saying that the Cambridge police acted "stupidly." He even got in a joke about how he would be shot if he was trying to break into the White House. Ultimately, the question gave Obama an important chance to address racial profiling on the national stage.

UPDATE: has a great analysis of the Gates arrest.

Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon Do Improv

Two solid Jimmy Fallon clips in one day. In this segment, Alec Baldwin plays Tracy Morgan as a tennis player and Jimmy Fallon plays Robert De Niro as a ball boy in a movie called "Ball Boy."

Lebron Gets Dunked On

It's a bit hard to make out, but TMZ has released the infamous video of Lebron James getting dunked on by a college player that Nike didn't want you to see. I'm not really seeing what the big deal is.

John Yoo Faces Abu Ghraib 'Torture Victim'

An Australian comedy show crashed torture policy architect John Yoo's Berkeley classroom. His students thought it was hilarious.

"OK, I'll go to the human rights class down the road, Professor. I think you probably won't be teaching there."

Teaser Trailer: Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland'

The first teaser trailer has arrived for Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."

UPDATE: Disney inexplicably removed all copies of this video from YouTube, thereby preventing millions of potential fans from seeing their promotional trailer.

Senate Rejects Gun Rights Amendment

Suck it NRA!

Liz Cheney Comes Out in Defense of the 'Birthers'

I've purposely ignored the whole "birther" movement because I think it's so outrageous that only crazy people on the fringe could get behind it. Then Liz Cheney voiced her opinion on Larry King.

Kevin Spacey Explains Twitter to Letterman

Kevin Spacey shows off his internet savvy on Letterman. Dave's not impressed.

"You know what it reminds me of? Oh yeah, a waste of time."

The YouTube Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse took Asia and the web by storm. Here's a particularly cool video from Taiwan.

CORRECTION: A video posted earlier was from a different, less awesome eclipse. This one is legit.

Michael and Michael and Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon's interview with Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black quickly devolved into a choreographed stunt double fist fight last night.