Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bill Maher on Henry Louis Gates

Bill Maher dedicated the opening monologue (and sketch) of Friday's Real Time to the Henry Louis Gates arrest story. It's not every day that I agree more with Bill Maher than Jon Stewart on an issue, but as far as I'm concerned Bill gets it right on this one.

"Perhaps the most prominent African-American scholar in America today was arrested for being black while home."

'Where The Wild Things Are' Featurette

In case the ridiculously awesome trailer didn't get you excited enough, this new piece revealed at Comic-Con should help.

Fox News Guest Blatantly Hits On Anchor

Fox News' Ainsley Earnhardt attempts to interview guest Uri Man about the economy. He doesn't seem interested in talking about that.

"Is he hitting on me on live TV? Did that just happen?"

Sarah Palin's Farewell Speech

If only this meant she was actually going away.

"How about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin' things up?"

Seth Rogen Talks to Conan About Weed, Porn and Pubes

Conan is making a habit of talking to hilarious comedians about inappropriate behavior.

Hillary Not Willing to Use Palin as Example of Potential Woman President

Hillary hedges and says it's up to voters to decide Palin's qualifications, but ultimately does not give her much credit. What a nice send off on Palin's final day in office.

Bill Kristol Calls Obama 'Arrogant'

Because he thinks that sometimes police act "stupidly" and doctors act "greedily."