Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Larry Wilmore on Henry Louis Gates

The Daily Show's Senior Black Correspondent reports on Gates-Gate.

"Obama's a half-black from brother Hawaii, John. But when he says I stand with you, my fellow upper-middle class, ivy league educated, best-selling author, tricycle-riding black men, who's not down with that?"

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MSNBC's Donny Deutsch Wants the Homeless Out of NYC

Things you shouldn't say while wearing a mic.

The Only Fox News Analyst to Defend Gates

Somehow, former New Jersey state Judge Andrew Napolitano found his way onto Fox News to defend Henry Louis Gates and his Constitutional rights.

"So when Professor Gates said 'no you can’t come in,' and the police went in anyway he violated the federal Constitution."

Tiffani Theissen is Busy

The latest celebrity self-parody on Funny Or Die comes from none other than Kelly Kapowski. Also, as a bonus, check out the 5 out of 6 SBTB reunion on the cover of People. Where the hell is Screech?

Fallon and Diddy Slow Jam Obama's Poll Numbers

The addition of Diddy to this segment really ups the ante.

'Sayonara Davey!' and other George Simmons Hit Movies

Somehow with all of the viral marketing out there for Funny People I had missed out on, the official website for Adam Sandler's movie star character. This clip from Sayonara Davey! is particularly amazing.

Colin Powell Weighs in on Gates-Gate on Larry King

If it was wrong for Obama to say that the police "acted stupidly" then it also seems wrong for Colin Powell to say that Gates should have acted more calmly given the circumstances. Powell does offer an interesting glimpse into his own racial profiling experiences.