Friday, July 31, 2009

Jay-Z Plays 'No Sleep Til Brooklyn' at All Points West

Jay-Z opens with a tribute to the Beastie Boys at All Points West.

Judd Apatow on The Daily Show

Judd Apatow talks about trying to masturbate to Jon Stewart's interview with Bill Kristol and other fun stories.

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New Music on the Blogs

So, Jay-Z didn't show up for a surprise show at last night's Diesel event at Webster Hall. But Kanye and Clipse did. That video is below. But first, another new track from Yo La Tengo, the very-hot-right-now "Walkabout" by Atlas Sound and a very funky remix of The Very Best by Architecture in Helsinki.

"Here to Fall" - Yo La Tengo [East of LA]

"Walkabout" - Atlas Sound w/Noah Lennox [The Fader]

"Warm Heart of Africa (Architecture in Helsinki remix)" - The Very Best [I Guess I'm Floating]

Rudy Guiliani Comes Out of the Woodwork to Tell Obama to 'Shut Up'

Guiliani appeared on Hannity's show to tell the world what the real "teachable moment" was in Gates-gate and do some of his maniacal laughing.

College Humor Rap Battle

With a little help from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Freestyle Love Supreme.