Friday, September 4, 2009

Dueling Ridiculous iPhone Apps: T-Pain vs. Soulja Boy

I'm more interested in T-Pain's auto-tune app, but the guy they got to narrate the Soulja Boy app is hilarious.

New Music on the Blogs

Three songs and three videos for today's new music round-up. On the audio side, we have a new solo track from the Fleet Foxes' J. Tillman, the Where the Wild Things Are version of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" and just for fun, a new Britney/Lil' Wayne song (crazy). Then you're going to want to to watch Beck, MGMT and Devendra Banhart cover Leonard Cohen, the Dirty Projectors play on Letterman and a long but awesome acoustic live set from Camera Obscura.

"Though I Have Wronged You" - J. Tillman

"Wake Up" (Where the Wild Things Are version) - Arcade Fire

"Bad Girl" - Britney Spears feat. Lil' Wayne

Record Club: Songs Of Leonard Cohen "Suzanne" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

Al Franken Uses to Reason to Counter Town Hall Insanity

Sometimes just talking to people intelligently can work! Amazing.

Ireland's Gay Marriage Ad

A very effective new ad from Ireland's MarriagEquality.

Letterman Continues His War Against Palin

Letterman talks about the potential Cheney/Palin 2012 ticket.

"The comedy recession is over!"