Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bat Loose in Congress

Via The Onion.


The Yes Men's 'Special Edition' of the New York Post

In case you missed the paper or online versions of this elaborate Yes Men hoax yesterday, here's a recap.

"SPECIAL EDITION" NEW YORK POST from The Yes Men on Vimeo.

Celebrities Ask Us to Protect Insurance Companies

Via Funny or Die.

Joe Scarborough Calls Out Glenn Beck for Hate Speech

Who wants to be on Scarborough's "conservative honor roll?"

Jay Leno Asks Barney Frank 10 Questions

It's week 2, and Jay's still doing everything he can to hammer that 10pm time slot as forcefully as he can. In this rather amusing segment, he asks Barney Frank 10 questions via satellite, including the last thing he said to a president that he would like to take back.

Obama to Letterman: 'I Was Actually Black Before the Election.'

The highlight of the Letterman interview was the discussion of racism, featuring Obama's best quote on the issue so far.