Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moammar Gaddafi on Obama

If only our "Kenyan" leader could be president for life. Apparently I have more in common with Moammar Gaddafi than I thought.

Glenn Beck Throws Live Frog in Boiling Water

What's the craziest thing Glenn Beck has done (today)?

Obama's U.N. Address [Full Video]

Obama addressed the United Nations this morning. Watch the full video below.

Daily Show on the Values Voters Summit

It's good to have Jon back to tackle this weekend of crazy.

"When did we lose that childlike sense of homophobia? Damn you, cruel world."

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@katiecouric with Glenn Beck [Full Interview]

The digital version of Katie Couric officially launched her interview series last night. Here's the 44 minutes interview with Glenn Beck in all its glory.

Improv Everywhere: Subway Yearbook Photos

The latest free public service from Improv Everywhere.