Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eric Idle Answers Online Commenters

Eric Idle gives John Cleese a run for his money for funniest self-aware internet video made by a Monty Python member.

Hugo Chavez Thinks Fox News is Hilarious

Even foreign leaders think Fox News is a joke. And Chavez was not afraid to speak his mind to a Fox reporter.
“I laugh when I see people from Fox News. I laugh at you. You know how Sean Penn calls you? ‘The stupid people from Fox News’ — not you, of course – not you, of course not.

The Two Best 'Single Ladies' Videos of the Day

Do you prefer your Beyonce performed by an unknown folk-y chanteuse or the football team from Glee?

Michael Moore Hearts Sean Hannity

Some surprising comments by Michael Moore, who was ambushed by Fox News.

H1N1 Rap

Congrats to Dr. Clarke for winning the Department of Health and Human Services' contest for best swine flu public service announcement.