Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mayor Cory Booker Takes on Conan

Cory Booker took at least one minute out of his busy schedule to give Conan O'Brien a piece of his mind about a recent Newark joke, going so far as to put him on the Newark Airport no fly list. Doesn't Conan have enough problems between hitting his head and getting hammered by Letterman in the ratings? He can't be the first or only late night comic to make Newark jokes.

Robert Gibbs Tired of Answering to Michael Steele

The latest inane comments by Michael Steele regarding Obama's trip to Copenhagen to lobby for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago were brought up in today's press briefing.

"Who's he rooting for?"

Bill Maher on Jay Leno

Bill Maher (aka "the comedian who never lies") appeared on the Jay Leno show last night, giving the show its most intelligent segments to date.

Dirty Projectors on Jimmy Fallon

Questlove gave a peek at the backstage a cappella warm-up before the show, and then the Dirty Projectors delivered the full version of this solid new song.