Thursday, October 1, 2009

Conan vs. Cory Booker (continued)

A new pair of videos perpetuating the ongoing feud between Conan and the mayor of Newark.

Lindsey Graham Calls Birthers 'Crazy'

Everyone's making a big deal about Lindsey Graham calling the birthers "crazy." But in the same breath he repeats John McCain's outrageous statement from the campaign where he positioned being Arab/Muslim and being a "decent person" as mutually exclusive:

"He's not a Muslim. He's a good man."

Springsteen Debuts New Song 'Wrecking Ball' at Giants Stadium

Bruce opened his show last night with this new song about how happy he is Giants Stadium is finally being destroyed.

Funny or Die Celebrates its 1 Millionth Twitter Follower

The Funny or Die team, with special guest Pauly Shore, "rewards" its lucky one millionth follower.

"We got you... a tuna sub!"

Jon Stewart Slams Dems for Public Option Fail

The Daily Show opened last night with an evisceration of the seemingly powerless Congressional Democrats.

"Basically the Democrats seems like the kind people who switch to Geico and lose money."

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