Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Michael Moore vs. Sean Hannity on the Mortgage Crisis

Michael Moore blames Capitalism. Sean Hannity blames low-income borrowers.

"This is like asking a woman 'How short was your skirt?' after she's been raped."

Shepard Smith Defends the Public Option

If you happened to be watching Fox News yesterday, you may have seen this impassioned speech in support of the health care public option.

Colbert Lets 5th Grader Take Over 'The Word'

Colbert brought out fifth grader Andrew Gellman last night to offer his arguments against longer school days and no summer break.

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Steve Martin and Martin Short Ventriloquist Routine on Letterman

Just to keep the Letterman going, here's an actual hilarious segment from last night's show.

Letterman's Apology to His Wife, Staff, Sarah Palin

CBS has very generously shared the clip of Letterman's apology from last night's show with the internet.