Friday, October 9, 2009

New Music on the Blogs

A few low-key songs for a rainy (in NYC) afternoon. I had the immense pleasure of seeing Kurt Vile live on Wednesday night at Mercury Lounge. He put on a sick show in front of a packed room indicating that he may be moving on to larger venues soon. Listen to two tracks from his upcoming new album "Childish Prodigy" below. Plus a tune from DeYarmond Edison (Bon Iver & Megafaun), a track from the new Islands album, and the first song from Charlotte Gainsbourg's Beck-produced album.

- Kurt Vile

"Overnite Religion" - Kurt Vile

"Love Long Gone" - DeYarmond Edison (Bon Iver & Megafaun)

"No You Don't" - Islands

"IRM" - Charlotte Gainsbourg

And, here's the Avett Brothers performing on Craig Ferguson.

Finally, the bootleg recording of the debut of Thom Yorke's new unnamed band (with Flea) at the the Echoplex in L.A.

Thom Yorke - Echoplex; Los Angeles, CA [10.2.09]

Joe Scarborough Compares Obama to Marisa Tomei

It wasn't just Fox News that was outraged by Obama's Nobel Peace Prize win.

"I guarantee you that Marisa Tomei did more to win the Academy Award in My Cousin Vinny than Barack Obama has done to win a Nobel Peace Prize."

Fox and Friends on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize Win

Most predictable video ever.

"This arguably could be the third person to win the award for not being George Bush."

Obama Reluctantly Accepts Nobel Peace Prize

Here's Obama's speech from this morning where he reluctantly accepted the Nobel Peace Prize. I prefer this fantasy version of his remarks from Rachel Sklar at Mediaite.

Hillary Mediates the Conan vs. Cory Booker Feud

Presumably this feud, which was seriously overshadowed by Letterman, is now over.

NASA Shoots the Moon

Even better than this live report from the Today Show is the high-five fail video from NASA headquarters below it.

'The Office' Does the JK Wedding Dance

Jim and Pam's wedding episode of The Office last night was predictably both sentimental and hilarious, as evidenced by this clip that cuts back and forth between their secret wedding under Niagra Falls and the entire office clan recreating the JK Wedding Dance. It's just about as perfect as you want it to be.

"Did you see this? It was on YouTube."

Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Diplomacy

Congrats are in order for the President this morning. Can't wait for Fox News to tell me why this is bad for America.