Friday, October 16, 2009

New Music on the Blogs

This week we've got new tracks from Dam Funk, Big Boi (sans Andre 3000), Lupe Fiasco, People Under The Stairs (including a keyboard cat reference), and the first new LCD Soundsystem I've heard in a long time, even if it is a cover of Alan Vega.

"Hood Pass Intact" - Dam Funk

"Shine Blockas ft. Gucci Mane" - Big Boi

"Solar Midnite" - Lupe Fiasco

"Dqmot" - People Under The Stairs

"Bye Bye Bayou" - LCD Soundsystem

And now a new music video from last week's obsession, Kurt Vile:

Obama Explains to 4th Grader Why Everyone Hates Him So Much

It took a 4th grader to ask Obama the question that's on everybody's mind, "why do people hate you?" He followed it up with "They supposed to love you."

"That's what I'm talking about!"

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Balloon Boy Admits to Hoax

I take it all back. Wolf Blitzer's brilliant reporting got Balloon Boy Falcon Heene to admit that his parents told him to hide because "we did it for a show."