Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trailer: 'Invictus'

Two Matt Damon trailers in one day! This one is the latest from Clint Eastwood, co-starring Morgan Freeman.

Trailer: 'Green Zone'

Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon reunite and bring some Bourne flavor to this Iraq war thriller.

Health Care Reform Video Challenge Finalists

Obama Organizing for America announced the top 20 finalists today for the health care reform video challenge. You can watch and rate them all here. This one's my favorite. What's yours?

iDon't Care

Apple products are so great that fans make ads for them. Here's a clever response to Verizon's scary "Droid Does" ad.

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

Via The Onion.

"The good news is with a little creativity we can disguise your girlie son as a normal kid!"

How To Find A Masculine Halloween Costume For Your Effeminate Son

Colbert Report: The Word - Don't Ask Don't Tell

Colbert's return this week opened with a scathing "The Word" on "Don't Ask Don't Tell."

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The Word - Don't Ask Don't Tell
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Daily Show: John McCain and Net Neutrality

Jon Stewart is back this week and last night he examinined John McCain's bullshit "Internet Freedom Act of 2009," which is exactly the opposite of what it sounds like.

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