Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cartman Sings 'Poker Face'

Cartman may have one-upped Jude Law on this one.

We Are Douchebags

Taking back the word.

"I am going to keep on crushing brews and slaying bitches."

DJ Hero Mashups

DJ Hero is creating a lot of buzz around the launch of their game and the ridiculous mashups that you can play. This one is my favorite so far but you can listen to a bunch of them at Stereogum.

Trailer: 'Avatar'

Unlike the underwhelming teaser, this new trailer offers some story and little more info as to what James Cameron's new 3D extravaganza is all about. After seeing this and reading the New Yorker profile on Cameron, I'm on board.

Spike Jonze Slaps Kanye West

You may not be able to watch the short film online anymore (Uh oh!), but you can watch this deliberately viral video promo of Jonze slapping Kanye in the face.

Behind the Scenes With Kanye from We Love You So on Vimeo.