Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chris Matthews vs. Michael Steele - Election '09

Chris Matthews and Michael Steele rehash yesterday's victory or failure for the GOP.

Glenn Beck Gets Apendicitis

He didn't die in a horrible car crash, but something terrible did happen to him. Also, who's this creepy guy they go to replace him?

Natalie Portman and Padma Lakshmi Talk About Penises

And Tom Colicchio sums it up:

"You went from 'a little prick' to 'big in your mouth.'"

Oscar the Grouch Trashes 'Pox News'

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street, here's a video of them joining the White House's war against Fox News. Very sneaky, Sesame Street...

Michael Steele Assumes the Heisman Position

And Lawrence O'Donnell brings him right back down to earth. Don't worry though, his juice will not be spolied.

"Michael, you made the 23rd the most important congressional district in the country. The Democrats didn't do it. You did it. You lost it. You led your party to a disastrous loss that it has never experienced in that district before. Congratulations, nice work."

Jason Sudeikis Talks Taylor Swift on Jimmy Fallon

Jason Sudeikis reveals all of the unfunny sketches that may or may not appear on this week's SNL.

Daily Show: Indecision '09 Election Night Coverage Coverage

Jon's incredulous reaction to Election Day 2009 coverage.

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Bloomberg and his Money Win 3rd Term as NYC Mayor

Congrats, Bloomberg, you did it!