Friday, November 6, 2009

Yes, you can really purchase a Dick Towel at

Mad Men: The Complete One-Liners of Roger Sterling

This is fun. My favorite:

"That woman got on a plane with a man who was going to end World War II, not run her father's dog food company."

The Office: Pam Slaps Michael

Michael just couldn't help but have the last word.

'Bruno' Deleted Scene Released

It wasn't only Paula Abdul who was forced to sit on Mexicans. Pete Rose did it as well. Maybe they cut this out because he just seemed too comfortable with the whole thing.

"Yes, I will give the chairs a drink and I will give the bed some champagne."

Aziz Ansari on Climate Change

Via Grist TV comes this interview with Aziz Ansari about his views on reducing your carbon footprint and handprint.

DAILY SHOW: Jon Stewart as Glenn Beck

Jon unveiled his Glenn Beck impression last night.

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30 Rock: Jack Donaghy Has Bed Bugs

The main audition plot line was pretty funny, but Jack Donaghy with bed bugs was perfect. His subway speech was one of those quintessential New York references that makes me love this show and probably explains its low ratings elsewhere.

"I'm not a drug addict, I'm an executive with the General Electric corporation."