Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bill O'Reilly Laments That 'We Can't Kill All The Muslims'

O'Reilly's version of devil's advocate is deeply disturbing.

James Franco General Hospital Promo

Is James Franco playing a hilarious joke that only he is in on?

Rupert Murdoch Agrees With Glenn Beck That Obama is 'Racist'

Rupert Murdoch's journalistic integrity in a nut shell: Glenn Beck probably shouldn't have said President Obama is a racist, but Murdoch is happy to tell an Australian reporter that Obama has made racist comments.

Obama Speaks at the Fort Hood Memorial

Below is the video of Obama's remarks at today's memorial service for the victims of the Fort Hood shootings.

MAD MEN: Season Finale Behind-the-Scenes

A spoiler-filled look behind-the-scenes of the fantastic season finale.

Brit Hume Admits that People Want the Public Option

Bill O'Reilly can't even remember what it's called, but someone at Fox News has apparently done some research.

Microsoft's Advertising FAIL

Slate's 5 minute take-down of years of misguided Microsoft ads.

Drunk Boston Woman Falls on Subway Tracks

I'm not sure which is better:

1) Listening to a British reporter express incredulity at a drunk Boston woman who fell into the tracks as a train was approaching.

2) Watching the train conductor explain that it's not that weird to see over-enthusiastic Boston sports fans wave violently at an oncoming train.

3) The fact that the woman survived.