Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trailer: 'Grown Ups'

The buddy comedy in which Adam Sandler gives parts to all of his friends and for some reason Chris Rock participates.

COMMUNITY: Community College Chronicles

This first episode of Abed's film class project video series, Community College Chronicles. What other show has the balls to spoof itself so sincerely?

Sarah Palin on Oprah Preview Clips

Will Levi be invited to Thanksgiving dinner? What's the deal with that Katie Couric interview? Find out the answers below.

Watch CBS News Videos Online

Watch CBS News Videos Online

SOUTH PARK: Cartman as Glenn Beck

Hot on the heels of Jon Stewart, Cartman offers his Glenn Beck impression.

"I'm just a normal kid, like you, except that I ask questions."

Jesus Was Against Big Government and Socialized Medicine

Well if Jesus never said it, then it must be wrong.

"It's a Christian thing to take care of your neighbors, but it does not mean, and Jesus never said this, that therefore it should be the Government that Should take care of all of our neighbors for us."