Friday, November 20, 2009

Chris Matthews Channels Dick Cheney

Is Chris Matthews just trying to fend off the usual criticism of being in the tank for Obama, or is something else going on here? He can't honestly make that "dithering" comment with zero reference to Cheney.

Don't Mess With Sarah Palin Fans

Even if you're Sarah Palin. This is what happened when some fans were turned away from a book signing in Noblesville, Indiana.


Tina Fey Hosts the Ad Council Annual Dinner

Tina Fey got in some good jokes at the Ad Council Dinner, along with a special treat Sarah Palin impression.

New Music on the Blogs

New tunes this week from Them Crooked Vultures, Beach House, and Beck (who apparently found himself into a strange three-way feud with Fiery Furnaces and Radiohead.

"New Fang" - Them Crooked Vultures

"Norway" - Beach House

"Harry Partch" - Beck

Plus, the new video for the Charlotte Gainsbourg song "Heaven Can Wait" featuring (who else?) Beck.

Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars Doesn't Want Gays 'Stuffing It Down' His Or His Children's Throat

Believe it or not, this statement came in a report on Buttars' relatively progressive stance on gay rights.

"I meet with the gays here and there. They were in my house two weeks ago. I don’t mind gays. But I don’t want ‘em stuffing it down my throat all the time. Certainly not in my kid’s face."

30 ROCK: Tracy's Cosby Show Hallucination

Tracy spent most of last night's episode lamenting the fact that his life is nothing like the Cosby Show. When he went into vasectomy surgery, his nightmare became all too real.

"Denise! Vanessa! Sondra, the boring one!"

SUPERNEWS: Linked In... To What?

Current's SuperNews! gives LinkedIn some tough love.

"LinkedIn combines the linkiness of Facebook with the jobiness of"

Oprah Announces 2011 Departure On-Air

Oprah tears up delivering the news that she will be ending her show after next season.

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Gaywad Will Phillips Refuses to Say Pledge of Allegiance

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert both brought this story to my attention during their shows last night. I would like to congratulate 10-year-old Will Phillips for not only standing up for what he believes in, but also being smarter and more eloquent than CNN's John Roberts.

LETTERMAN: Colbert on the 'Meryl Streep of Presidents'

Colbert talks to Letterman about the unique experience of acting with Obama.