Monday, November 23, 2009

Pixar Short: George and A.J.

What if Pixar animated in the style of South Park? It would still be brilliant.

Why Do You Support Sarah Palin?

New Left Media goes to the massive book signings to find out.

Trailer: 'Greenberg'

Ben Stiller mumblecores-it-up with my old classmate Greta Gerwig (and Grace Parra!).

Kirk Cameron Defaces Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'

If you can't push straight-up Creationism, why not rewrite Darwin as an offensive screed?

"It looks just like, you know, a normal copy of Charles Darwin's book, and it's got this special introduction."

Paula Deen Hit in the Face with Ham

This is admittedly not as funny as that time when her pants fell down, but you have to admit, she kind of had this coming didn't she?

MAD MEN: Don Draper's Advice

Somehow, when you link all of Don Draper's advice together, it starts to make a lot less sense.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: The Seinfeld Reunion

Thye did it. Last night's Curb Your Enthusiasm season finale offered an experience that hasn't been available in over a decade: a new episode of Seinfeld. Watching Larry watch the episode with the audience for the first time on a TV mounted on his wall is a beautiful (meta) thing.

For another video that just might blow your mind, check out the behind-the-scenes video of Jason Alexander teaching Larry David how to play George Costanza at