Sunday, December 6, 2009

Obama Salutes Mel Brooks

It's rare that two people I respect so much come together like this.

SNL: Kickspit Underground Rock Festival

Sleeper pick from last night's SNL.

"And NBA All-Star Dirk Nowitski shooting a BB gun at you in an open field!"

To Timeline or Not to Timeline?

Think Progress put together this compilation of Obama administration spokespeople softening the Afghanistan timeline for troop withdrawal on the Sunday morning talk shows.

MEET THE PRESS: John McCain Calls Sarah Palin 'Irrelevant'

McCain laughs and laughs when people talk about Sarah Palin. But he loved her book and considers her and Todd good friends.

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FACE THE NATION: Bob Schieffer Tells Tiger Woods to Stop Whining

Bob Schieffer delivers the best, and hopefully last, commentary on Tiger.

"If you wanted to be normal, give the money back."

SNL: Rihanna in the Digital Short

Rihanna made the Digital Short better, just like she makes every hip hop song better.