Monday, December 7, 2009

John Oliver at The Economist's 'The World in 2010' Conference

John Oliver does his signature decline of America comedy for The Economist crowd.

Michael Bay's Victoria's Secret Commercial

What's better than a Michael Bay movie? A Michael Bay Victoria's Secret commercial.

Man Throws Two Tomatoes at Sarah Palin

A man threw two tomatoes at Sarah Palin, hitting a police officer instead.

"At least it wasn't a shoe."

CNN: Levi Johnston is a Gay Icon

Levi Johnston thinks that gays "are people too." Aww, Levi, that's so sweet of you.

COUNTDOWN: Olbermann Asks 'Is Palin Uncomfortable With Asians?'

It was "a minority type thing." Palin understandably had a great difficulty keeping "glamorous" around so many Asians.

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FOX & FRIENDS: Rick Warren Talks War on Christmas

Rick Warren, of gay genocide fame, discusses the War on Christmas on Fox & Friends.