Tuesday, December 8, 2009

RACHEL MADDOW: Richard Cohen Gets Put in His Place

On Monday night, Rachel Maddow conveyed the story of Richard Cohen, an anti-gay activist who is influencing Ugandan policy against homosexuals. For some reason he decided to go on her show tonight where Rachel taught him a lesson.

"I realize I was taking the risk of helping promote you and the way that you think about these things but putting you on the air. But I do think that you've actually got blood on your hands."

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ONN: Lil' Wayne Uses All of the Drugs in Mexico

The D.E.A. recruits Lil' Wayne to solve the Mexican drug trafficking problem. Via The Onion.

"Operation Weezy F. Baby has been an unparalleled success."

DEA Recruits Lil Wayne To Use Up All Drugs In Mexico

Orrin Hatch's 'Eight Days of Hannukah'

As the NYTimes puts it "the canon of Hanukkah songs written by Mormon senators from Utah just got a little bigger."

Eight Days of Hanukkah from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo.

Hipsters vs. Hasids

NYPost reports on the war between hipsters and Hasids over Brooklyn bike lanes.

9-Year-Olds Remember the Aughts

What better way to remember the past decade than through the eyes of children born during it?

The decade according to 9-year-olds from allie garcia on Vimeo.

Joy Behar Gives Andrew Sullivan a 'Lefty Basket'

Remember how Andrew Sullivan is apparently a conservative? It's easy to forget.


The new Broadway show Fela! took over the Colbert Report last night.

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RACHEL MADDOW: Anti-Gay Activist in Uganda

Rachel Maddow examines how Uganda has adopted the methods of American anti-gay activist Richard Cohen.

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2009 in Auto-Tune


LETTERMAN: Dave Mocks Tiger Woods, Himself

Of all the media coverage on Tiger Woods, everyone was really just waiting to see what Letterman had to say.

"If this thing had happened 3 months ago, I'd have had material for a year!"