Friday, December 18, 2009

Hugo Chavez Calls Obama the Devil

Chavez doesn't only "smell sulfur" when Bush is around, but also when Obama is in the room. He also coined a new nickname for Obama: "Nobel War Prize."

Obama's Climate Speech in Copenhagen

Obama delivers his speech to the world (well, mostly China) at the at the World Climate Conference in Copenhagen.

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KG and D. Rose Give a Lesson in Style

A sick new sneaker commercial from Adidas.

"Truth is, I like anything that matches my ring."

Lieberman Socks continues their war against Lieberman with their best ad to date, featuring a very sad Lieberman sock puppet.

Michele Bachmann Leads Prayer at Anti-Health Care Refore 'Prayercast'

When a member of Congress is publicly praying against health care reform, we've got a problem. Also, did she lift "This is our moment, this is our time" from Obama?