Saturday, December 19, 2009

SNL: Mark Wahlberg Talks to Christmas Animals

If you stayed with SNL until the bitter end last night, you got to see Mark Wahlberg tell a sheep, a partridge, a snow man and Rudolph to say hello to their mothers for him.

SNL: Jammies Digital Short

James Franco is this week's special guest on The Tizzle Wizzle Show.

"3 more seconds to choose your knife!"

SNL: Mike Tyson on 'What Up With That?' (Dress Rehearsal)

The "What Up With That?" sketch that aired on last night's show was pretty solid, but the dress rehearsal version, where Mike Tyson could not stop dancing was even better.

D.C. Cop Pulls Gun on Snow Ball Fight

When a Tweetup snow ball fight got just a little too crazy, one D.C. cop pulled his gun out. Blizzards make people crazy.

LENO: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck and Jay Leno just seem way too comfortable together.

Obama on 'Major Step Forward' in Health Care Reform

Obama made an appearance on this snowy Saturday to talk about the progress today made with the help of Senator Ben Nelson.

Fede Alvarez's 'Panic Attack'

This is how a $300 YouTube video turns into a $30 million dollar movie deal. Amazing.

Ben Nelson Saves Health Care Reform in the Senate

Basically, Democratic Senator Ben Nelson got the rest of the Democrats to allow states to prohibit abortion funding so that they could pass the health care reform bill. Way to make this all about you, Ben Nelson.

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