Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Festivus!

Gotcha Media is going on vacation until after the new year. Since I celebrate comedy more than any specific religion, I'll leave you with my favorite holiday tradition. Here is the Seinfeld Festivus episode boiled down to 3 perfect minutes. See you in 2010!

Trailer: 'The Karate Kid'

This new Karate Kid remake is appropriately titled The Karate Kid. It does admittedly look better than the Hilary Swank version.

Obama Pranks Gov. Tim Kaine on CBS Radio

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was legitimately surprised when "Barry from D.C." called into to talk to him on the air during an interview on CBS Radio. Either that really was Barack, or it was someone who does a much better impression of the President than Fred Armisen.

JIMMY FALLON: 'I Wish It Was Christmas Today'

Jimmy and a skinny Horatio Sanz were joined by Julian Casablancas and The Roots to perform their SNL classic "I Wish It Was Christmas Today." But, c'mon, they couldn't get Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan to come out for this as well?

COUNTDOWN: Sarah Palin Wins 'Lie of the Year'

It's official. Sarah Palin's "death panel" post on Facebook was the most bullshit thing said by anyone in 2009.

"Being associated with the 'lie of the year' is normally a problem for any politician's resume, isn't it?"

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LETTERMAN: Stewie Griffin Does the Top Ten List

This was a nice little piece of marketing to promote the Blu-ray/DVD release of Family Guy's Star Wars special. But some of these were actually funny, which makes me assume that Seth MacFarlane wrote them.