Thursday, January 7, 2010

Obama Takes the Fall for Failed Christmas Attack

Obama summed it up at a press conference today.

"The buck stops with me."

Jason Reitman: Lost in the Air

This is apparently what it's like to do a press tour for a movie.

Lost In The Air: The Jason Reitman Press Tour Simulator from Jason Reitman on Vimeo.

Jimmy Fallon Sings with The Muppets

Can you figure out which one is Jimmy Fallon and which ones are Muppets?

Little Asian Girl PC vs. Little Asian Girl Mac

This is the most brilliant PC/Mac ad parody ever.

"We're different brands of computers."
"And we fuckin' hate each other."

ONN: Congo's AK-47 Stimulus Package

Nice touch with the French, Onion News Network. Very authentic.

"Now we can go to the garbage dump to rummage for building supplies without worrying about the rebels raping us to death. Now I'm my own boss."

Congo Approves Economic Stimulus Package Of AK-47 For Every Citizen