Friday, January 8, 2010

Robert Gibbs Reminds Giuliani About 9/11

Robert Gibbs took at least a little pleasure in reminding Giuliani about 9/11.

"I think if you watched that interview I think there were a number of things that didn't quite seem to jog with the better part of reality"

Craig Ferguson Mocks the NBC Late Night Shake-up

If one person is enjoying the shenanigans going on over at NBC the most, it appears to be Craig Ferguson.

LETTERMAN: Homer Simpson Does the Top Ten List

I love that Homer needs glasses to read the Top Ten list.

JIMMY FALLON: John Oliver on Vegas and Guns

John Oliver shared his stories of running into Mike Tyson in Vegas and shooting guns with Rob Riggle.

Rudy Guiliani Forgets 9/11

Of all people, I never thought Rudy Giuliani would be the one to say that we did not have a domestic terror attack under President Bush.