Saturday, January 9, 2010

CNN: Harry Reid Apologizes to Obama for 'Negro' Comment

The word "negro" is not only in the 2010 U.S. Census. It's also coming out of the mouth of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

CONAN: Michael Cera and Aziz Ansari

Not only did Conan manage to be relevant in his monologue last night, but the rest of the show was actually pretty solid. Here are my favorite two clips, featuring Michael Cera dance fighting Conan Jersey Shore style, and Aziz Ansari telling a story about mislabeled thread-count on sheets.

CONAN: 'The Sometime At Night Show With Some White Guy'

These jokes from Conan's (and then Jimmy Fallon's) monologue last night are far more scathing and hilarious then the rumor list clip they posted on the official Tonight Show website.

"We're going to mess up some DVR's with this one."

CONAN: Conan Addresses the Rumors

Conan ran down the list of rumors last night, neither confirming not denying any of them.