Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CONAN: Deal or No Deal

Conan and Howie Mandel threw one of NBC's biggest TV franchises back in its face.

Bill Maher Tells You to Move Your Money

Have you missed Bill Maher since his show went on hiatus? Well, here he is giving you banking advice. This isn't funny, just scary.

Sarah Palin Debuts on Fox News

Palin made her debut on Fox News tonight in what seemed like an interview with Bill O'Reilly. But no, she's a serious news pundit now. In the words of Chris Matthews:

"How could she be a pundit? She doesn't know anything!"

Post-Avatar Depression

Is this for real?

DAILY SHOW: Terror Ball

Jon Stewart and John Oliver explain the rules of "Terror Ball."

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CONAN: Conan Weighs His Options

Conan does another rundown of his options. At least he still has a sense of humor. He gets one especially good dig at NBC in with his final option:

"Leave television altogether, and go into a classier business with better people, live hardcore porn."

LETTERMAN: Jokes at NBC's Expense

Dave revels in the NBC drama with 5 minutes of solid jokes.

ONN: Biden's Hennessy Ad

The latest Biden gaffe, brought to you by Hennessy.

"Biden's sly trademark grin and international Playboy status made him the perfect face for the luxury brand."

Biden Criticized For Appearing In Hennessy Ads