Thursday, January 21, 2010

30 ROCK: Tracy Does the Freedom Trail

30 Rock went to Boston this week and packed in more Massachusetts jokes than most people around the country probably understood. The highlight was the tour that Lemon and Tracy took on the Freedom Trail, during which Tracy had a dust-up with John Hancock. Smash cut to:

"For a dude that has the most hilarious last name I ever heard, you blow!"

FOX & FRIENDS: The Terrorists 'Started It'

Steve Doocy's wife has impeccable logic, reasoning that if terrorists can scream "Allah Akbar" before blowing themselves up, Americans should be able to insert bible verses into our military rifles.

Trailer: Banksy's 'Exit Through the Gift Shop'

The first feature film from street art sensation Banksy.

CONAN: Ed Helms Sings Farewell Song

Ed Helms, former college a cappella superstar, sang a farewell song to Conan last night during his third-to-last show.

James Franco as Allen Ginsburg in 'Howl'

An exclusive first look from the upcoming bio-pic.

Jersey Shore: Super Mario Bros.

This is exactly what you want it to be.

"I love big hands, white gloves, you know what I'm sayin?"

DAILY SHOW: Fox News Celebrates Scott Brown's Victory

Jon Stewart gets on Fox News' case for failing to hide their excitement over Scott Brown winning the Massachusetts Senate seat.

"Is synergasm a word?"

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CONAN: The Return of the Masturbating Bear

This could be the final appearance of the masturbating bear on national TV, ever.