Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chris Matthews Forgot Obama Was Black for an Hour

Christ Matthews' immediate reaction to Obama's State of the Union address was to declare that he "forgot he was black for an hour," instantly diminishing a phenomenal speech.

Supreme Court Justice Alito Is This Year's Joe Wilson

He didn't shout anything out, but when Obama called out the Supreme Court for their decision on corporate campaign spending, Justice Samuel Alito could clearly be seen shaking his head and mouthing "that's not true." Pretty sure the Supreme Court's supposed to be neutral at these things.

Andy Samberg's Digital Short Secrets

A Landline Digital Short. Is Andy Samberg masturbating to himself online in this video?

The Official iPad Demo Video

The predictably hyperbolic iPad demo video. For hi-res version, go to

MadTV's iPad Sketch

Way to go Apple. You made MadTV relevant for a day.

Steve Jobs Presents the iPad

Here's the first video from today's Apple event, where Steve Jobs presented a "3rd category" of device called an iPad.