Sunday, January 31, 2010

GRAMMYS: Colbert Shows Off His New iPad

Stephen Colbert kicked off the Grammys by showing off his new iPad and making fun of Jay-Z for not having one yet.

SNL: The Closet Organizer Guy

You have to give SNL credit for rewarding viewers who stuck it out until the end of the show with the payoff for the closet organizer infomercial sketch. Watch both clips below.

SNL: Hamm and Buble

Perfect use of this week's host and musical guest.

"Because Hamm means pork, and Buble means Champagne."

THIS WEEK: Arianna Huffington vs. Roger Ailes

Barbara Walters brought the big guests to ABC's This Week this morning, prompting this debate between rival media giants Arianna Huffington and Roger Ailes.

THIS WEEK: Barbara Walters Humanizes Scott Brown

ABC News decides to train the soft light of Barbara Walters on Scott Brown, making him seem less scary than I want him to be. He ever supports abortion rights!