Thursday, February 4, 2010

30 ROCK: Liz Lemon Sleep Eats

And Frank hooks up with the fat lady from the mail room. Everyone needs a release.

O'REILLY FACTOR: Jon Stewart on The O'Reilly Factor (Day Two)

And now, the conclusion of O'Reilly's interview with Jon Stewart.

David Hyde Pierce Hip Hop FAIL

I get that this was supposed to be funny, but it's just not funny in the right way.

Obama Address the 'Birthers'

Obama got in a good dig at the "birthers" at this morning's National Prayer Breakfast.

"But surely you can question my policies without questioning faith. Or for that matter, my citizenship."

Snooki Interviews Phoenix

Snooki asks Phoenix a very important question:

"Do you have guidos in France?"


Last night's episode was solid from start to finish, but the real highlight was the iPhone Say Anything moment.

JIMMY FALLON: Inside ?uestlove's Mind

A great new Late Night segment that combines "Deep Thoughts" with the mind of ?uestlove.

LETTERMAN: Sarah Silverman Talks About Her Mom

In this clip from last night's Letterman, Sarah Silverman talks about how she can tell her mother anything (because she's famous).