Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Torch Lighting FAIL

Wayne Gretsky, Steve Nash and two other Canadians wait awkwardly for something, anything to happen at the Vancouver opening ceremonies. China had already won at this point, but this was just unfortunate.

'We Are The World' 2010

Finally, the new "We Are the World" for Haiti is here. I think Lil' Wayne wins the award for most absurd performance for his auto-tuned line. Buy the song and donate to the cause at

The Sarah Silverman Children's Program

Sarah Silverman hosts a new children's show in her own special way.

"They did some testing and found out that being Jewish comes off as, like, rude to children."

The Sarah Silverman Program
Story Time With Sarah St. Claire
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ONN: NASA to Approach Girl by 2018

So this is what NASA's focusing on these days.

"How do you respond to critics who believe the organization is risking another tragedy like the 2002 'girl in Borders bookstore' disaster?"

NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl By 2018 

LARRY KING: David Paterson Tries to Save His Ass

Doesn't Fred Armisen play Larry King and David Paterson? How is SNL going to make fun of this hilarious interview tomorrow night?

“The fact that you’ve been, not a pun intended, blind to this. In other words, people have to read the headlines to you, right?”